August 15, 2018 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Baalbake Express: Sfi7a Now Serving in Jal el Dib
Non-smokers friendly
Authentic & Traditional Quick Eats

Bringing the flavors of traditional Sfi7a from Baalbeck to Sarba, Baalbake has taken the challenge further with the opening of another location closer to Beirut. On Jal el Dib’s internal road facing Saradar Bank comes Baalbake, the taste of Baalbeck and the passion of Fadel, the man behind this innovative concept. Why drive all the way up to Baalbeck when you can have the same experience in Beirut.


On Jal el Dib’s internal road, Baalbake is much more than a simple bakery, it’s a homey food heaven serving meat Sfi7a, manakish zaatar, cheese wraps and beyond. Specialized in the famous “Sfi7a Baalbakieh”, Fadel and his team prepare them one at time with care and dedication. A juicy meat, a soft yet crispy bread pocket shining like gold. Squeeze a lemon and enjoy.


Other than the juicy Sfi7a, try the cheese and zaatar biscuits: mini manakish, some spread with zaatar and others with cheese, spread in a thin loaf toasted to perfection. Zaatar is my favorite, super duper crispy manakish biscuits.


Get it delivered: you will love the food!


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