May 10, 2013 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Beirut City Centre's Premium Cinema Experience: VOX Gold

Phone Number: +961 1 285 582

Address: Beirut City Centre Mall, Hazmieh, Beirut, Lebanon


Price Range: 20-35 $


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 7.5/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 26/30

Architecture / Interior: 8/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 7/10

Value for money: Soon

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The Popcorn Makes Me Want to Visit Vox Cinemas Again

Upgrading your cinema experience has lately become a trend in Lebanon. An idea which started with Grand Cinemas in their ABC Dbayeh branch has soon expanded to all other companies with the birth of CineMall's VIP followed by the fully premium Empire Sodeco and now, VOX Gold Cinemas, the new kid in town,  that's is trying to find a place among the harsh competition.


Some call it VIP, some as the Grand Class, or Premium Cinema and now the Gold Class. Many given for the same reason: Pleasing the more demanding clientele. After visiting three on the list, VOX Gold was next on the list. Along with a few of my friends, we went to experience the VOX Gold cinemas which newly opened in Beirut's City Centre. It starts and ends with premium service which makes you feel at home. We headed towards the highest level of the mall, where a dedicated waitress for the VIP area directed us to the cashier. Only $20 is the price of the ticket which gives you access to the privilege lounge and a possibility of ordering from their mouthwatering menu, as well as experience the latest creations by two of Beirut's most renowned bartenders.


The Lounge:

  • A relaxing black and white carpet relaxes your every move
  • Five individual red leather chairs rector are the center of the area
  • A long wall, covered with patterned red leather adds a touch of fitness and luxury
  • A middle bar, surrounded by high stools is perfect for mingling before the movie
  • Three individual round and private sections can host up to four guests each that can have dinner before the movie. 9 gold chandeliers with two spoons in each add a touch of light and refinement
  • A dedicated VIP toilet makes you feel privileged
  • A serving bar with a draft machine, quick bites, chocolate and potato chips are for you to be pampered


The Theaters:

  • Two theaters each showing a different movie are here to please the most demanding clientele.
  • Choose the right or left one before the usher shows you to your seat
  • Individual leather chairs, printed with the VOX logo
  • A table separating every two chairs and another private one that can hold your phone and personal belongings
  • A relaxed space divided into three levels making you feel like home


We arrived at 8pm, bought our tickets, chose one of the sofas, ordered food and waited for the movie to start. At 8:30pm, the movie started and drinks started to get served one after the other. Cocktail drinks and Coca Cola were on the menu. Cucumber with ginger, mint mango, fresh strawberries and more. A mix of  flavors and aromas that blend perfectly together, unfortunately without alcohol.

The menu possibilities: 22 choices...

  • Gold Apps
  • Gold Greens
  • Gold Bites
  • Gold Medallions
  • Gold Sweets


The food ordered:

  • Mini Burgers: Choose three gourmet beef burgers among our diverse selection of ground beef burgers, blue cheese burger, avocado burger, Hawaiian burger, Swiss mushroom and pesto burger, served with garlic coriander french fries and pepper ketchup dip. The bun is so fresh and the meat is so juicy. An unexpected positive surprise specially with the refined sauce that comes with it. 20,000L.L
  • Mini Hotdogs: Trio mini hotdogs served in a soft bun with mayo ketchup, mustard and melted cheddar cheese. Here I missed the crunchy feel. It misses some potato chips. But all the rest is just great. 15,000L.L
  • Gold Nachos: Gourmet nachos platter with melted cheeses on top served with our house guacamole, homemade salsa, chili sauce, cheese dip and jalapenos. I loved the quality of the nachos. They are not powder coated not dirtying your hands. They come with a hot nachos sauce, a spicy red sauce and another black beans sauce. It's really a feast. 16,000L.L
  • French Fries Trio: French fries, curly fries and potato wedges served in individual mini fryers and accompanied with honey mustard and ketchup. An amazing plate indeed. Sophisticated, tasty and generous. 15,000L.L


The food is just great. Really, I didn't expect it to be that good. We enjoyed a premium dinner watching the latest Iron Man 3 which added some thrill to the party. But some fine tunings is required to entice people to feel the need of coming again.


The things I loved:

  • VOX has the only circular popcorn boxes in town. They look better, can be grabbed easier and most importantly salt doesn't drop off on your clothes from the corners
  • The service is really premium. A professional staff that takes care of the tiniest details
  • The lounge is just great. You feel the luxury and sophistication of the treatment.
  • It's a 100% positive return on investment. You feel that the $20 paid are worth it
  • The sound is great
  • VOX's 3D glasses are light, individually packed, disposable and light in weight. They only cost 1,500L.L


The needed improvements:

  • The chairs are not relaxing at all. Too tight, too hard and too short. Adding a pillow and cover will make them softer and more relaxing
  • We ordered lots of food but didn't have enough space to put them. People who order food should be served on a side table where all the food can be placed on. It was really annoying and we made a mess all over
  • We ate and finished in 20 minutes. Shouldn't anyone come and cleanup? It is a must. 30 minutes after the movie starts, the trays should be taken away
  • Guys, giving a premium service is something and overdoing it is another. A cinema experience is all about sipping your soft drink in the carton cup and hearing the noise of the ice cubes. We received a glass cup like in hotel banquets: its unpleasant and repulsive. Please reconsider
  • The first row is not recommended. I still have a neck pain. I think they should not be sold
You don't serve Alcohol! What the hell! Are we in Saudi Arabia?


When the movie ended, six customers lined up to pay their bills which were not even prepared. When the movie ends at 11pm, I don't feel like waiting for someone to ask me: "Sir what did you order?" Start entering the data then print the invoice. This should be done before even we go out and each of the four waiters should go directly to a guest and do the transaction on spot.


Tonight's popcorn: A disaster...

  • Choose between three flavors  Salt, cheese and caramel
  • The popcorn we ordered that day was way too salty to an extent we could not eat it. Pay attention to this very important detail
  • I ordered sweet and salt popcorn. The logic states that you fill the salty ones on top and the caramel ones in the bottom. Right? I received a cocktails of salt and sweet mixed all together. An inedible mess

I loved the experience even though a lot has to be improved. Tiny little details should surely be taken into consideration. Here, I ask the City Centre management to keep the escalators working until we leave the building or dear VOX staff, inform us to take the elevator as the mall turns off at 11pm.

Good luck guys, your project is just awesome and your prices are very competitive and affordable. I still don't understand why the others charge an unjustifiable $30.






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