August 11, 2012

Bixby&Co: Chocolate Can Be Enjoyed Guilt Free!

Chocolate should be enjoyed guilt-free - Bixby&Co proves that.

Kate McAleer started Bixby & Co. in 2011 because she believes that being a lover of sophisticated chocolate shouldn’t preclude enjoying a healthy snack. Made with organic, Rainforest Alliance-certified chocolate and all natural fruits, nuts and spices, Bixby & Co bars are gluten- and GMO-free, contain neither additives nor preservatives, are available in vegan flavors, and average 200 calories each. The company is named for McAleer’s great-grandparents, W.K. and Lillian Bixby, and has packaging that’s inspired by turn-of-the-twentieth century imagery.

People at Bixby & Co. are devoted to chocolate products made with traditional processes as if they were in the early 20's. Using only organic, half the sugar used in the current bar, zero gluten, no preservatives, made by hand and with a totally retro wrapper.

Each bar has a catchy name, like Knockout, Birdie or To the nines, accompanied by an illustration straight out of early twentieth century, with eclectic combinations of ingredients, ranging from the traditional dark chocolate with almonds, mix until ingredients as cinnamon, pistachios, peppers and even chipotle. Bixby's shop is located in New York.

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