September 25, 2013

Burger King: Have You Heard About the Low Calorie Fries?

Burger King launches “Satisfries”, a crinkle-cut french fry with 20 percent fewer calories than their regular french fries. A small order of Satisfries will contain 270 calories as opposed to a 350-calorie small order of their regular fatty-fat fries. That's good new no? They are now offered in the US and if they gain success they will roll them out in the UK. How about Lebanon next? burger+king+satisfries+fries1 According to Burger King: Burger King executives say people won't be able to tell that Satisfries are lower in calories. It says they use exactly the same ingredients as its regular fries — potatoes, oil and batter. To keep kitchen operations simple, they're even made in the same fryers and cooked for the same amount of time as regular fries. burger-king_2680997b The difference, Burger King says, is that it adjusts the proportions of different ingredients for the batter to block out more oil. The company declined to be more specific. Another difference, the crinkle-cut shape, is in part so workers will be able to easily distinguish them from the regular fries when they're deep frying them together.
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