July 10, 2015

Button Gourmet: A Unique Vending Machine

Good, healthy food available 24 hours a day, with no need for staff to serve it. That’s Button Gourmet, a flexible solution catering to people’s needs and making on-the-go eating much easier.Designed by Spanish design consultancy for brand Grupo Azkoyen the ‘Button Gourmet‘ is the next big thing in self-service machine. Why?


The Button Gourmet wants to improve the perception of vending machines as a self-service industry in general, as well as improves its image by providing customers with a healthy variety of foods with as much details as you have to know, as well a selection of beverages...


Beautifully designed, Button Gourmet is designed to make using it as easy as possible. It works by just tapping the touch-screen as you would do with a smartphone. 


Interesting! I'm curious to try out its food...

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