December 29, 2012

Combat The Hangover the Morning After New Year

It's the holidays which means it's all about eating and drinking to the joy of the season. In a couple of days, we welcome a new year and of course welcoming with a party is a must. We did some research with nutritionist to learn more about the type of  foods that will will replenish nutrients and rehydrate you.

Water first of course:

Stay well hydrated. Excessive drinking causes dehydration. Make sure to drink a glass of water the minute you wake up. While drinking alcohol also try to sip in a few glasses of water.

Ginger If too much alcohol has you feeling queasy, ginger is the perfect food to help settle your stomach and relieve nausea. While you may not feel much like chewing on the food in its original form, you could try adding some grated ginger to hot water for a ginger tea, blending into a fresh fruit or vegetable juice, or snacking on ginger biscuits for a stomach-soothing treat.

Watermelon Not only does alcohol deplete your body of nutrients, it can also lead to low blood sugar levels, which may leave you feeling weak and shaky. To counteract this, try snacking on watermelon, which is not only high in fructose but is also water-rich to boost hydration. On top of this, watermelon is high in many essential nutrients, including vitamin C, B-vitamins and magnesium.

Bananas Due to alcohol's diuretic effect, munching on bananas the morning after can replace potassium and other lost electrolytes. Blend a banana into a fruit smoothie if your stomach is feeling rebellious against solid foods.

An egg and whole wheat toast You can combat the hangover fatigue by eating a light breakfast. The combination of protein and carbohydrates in an egg and toast is a good source of recovery nutrients and is easy on the stomach. In addition, eggs contain the amino acid cysteine, which can break down the toxins that cause hangover symptoms, and whole grains contain magnesium, which alcohol can deplete.

Coconut water Many hangover sufferers swear by sports drinks as a way to hydrate the body and help rebalance electrolytes. However, sports drinks are often carbonated, which can irritate the stomach, and packed with refined sugars. For a natural alternative to sports drinks, try sipping on some coconut water, which contains essential electrolytes (including calcium, potassium and magnesium) to boost hydration, and is also soothing for the stomach.

Oats Due to the diuretic effects of alcohol, the body loses many essential minerals and vitamins during a heavy drinking session. Luckily, oats can provide you with many of these nutrients, including B vitamins (good for the liver and mood) and essential minerals magnesium, calcium and iron. On top of this, oats can help neutralise acidity levels in the body, cleanse the liver, absorb toxins and slowly raise blood sugar levels, making a bowl of porridge the perfect hangover breakfast.

Vegetable and Miso Soup Up your fluids and sodium levels and get a shot of nutrients all at once, try some health-boosting vegetable or miso soup. As an added benefit, soup is easy on the stomach so good if you're feeling a bit queasy.

Herbs A herbal approach can also offer relief. Willow bark is nature's answer to aspirin while evening primrose oil can help nurse your alcohol-riddled liver to health. Dosing with milk thistle oil or chewing fennel seeds is another aid in liver function. Herbal teas can help with rehydration, particularly peppermint tea, which will soothe your tummy. Talk to an herbalist or naturopath for the best herbal hangover prescription.

Fatty Foods Maybe a piece of greasy pizza may make you nauseous the morning after but nutritionists say that eating high-fat foods before imbibing can reduce your risk of a hangover because the fats line your stomach and intestines. A healthier approach is to eat foods high in healthy fats such as olive oil, salmon, or avocados, and keeping your alcoholic drinks to a minimum.  

Happy New Year

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