November 03, 2016

Casper&Gambini's: The Cruffin Now in Lebanon

After the "Cronut" craze in NYC in 2013, Casper&Gambini's launched their Cronut. Following the world's trends in innovative bites, they are now introducing what is called the Cruffin. This food hybrid, which was earlier this year introduced in Lebanon at Souk el Akel, will soon enough be served at C&G and I for one can't wait to try it.

I recenly tried the real deal at the famous Mr.Holmes in San Francisco... I tried the chocolate Cruffin which were so delicious... Just when I thought I am loosing that yummy taste, I come across this announcement from C&G Cruffins are coming to Lebanon and offering three flavors: Simply Nutella, Sweet Vanilla and Blueberry Heaven...

I can't wait...


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