September 14, 2015 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Cookies'n'more: Mouthwatering Cookies

Cookies'n'More: Maamoul Reinvented...

It's a bag, a big bag full of goodies, a bag with boxes and nylon wraps holding a large selection of cakes and bites. I've written about the famous colored maamoul of Cookies'n'more previously and couldn't stop myself writing about them today; they are indeed mouthwatering.


A kind of Lawzieh, half moon biscuits covered with powdered sugar, large cookies topped with chocolate chips, white and dark chocolate white cookies, small palmier cookies filled with butter and sugar, cookies with Smarties, cookies with white crunchy chocolate drops... Wait until you've tasted the sablets, tender and airy with a spread of jam stuffing them. 

What I loved about all of those cookies is their taste, which showcases the quality of ingredients used. The butter is the best out there, the sugar is balanced and doesn't feel heavy and condensed, while crumbling smoothly under the teeth; a great texture, I would say. 


Opening the bag, I started digging in. Colorful bites in one bag I believe my kids would love, as well as well as some other round and large-sized cookies. I enjoyed the crunchy biscuits that look like a cake cut in slices, with a flavor of cocoa that stays around for a long time.

Enough drooling, visit them in Sin el Fil and try them for yourself.

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