March 31, 2015

It's Maamoul Season: let's Try the Ones from Aziz

Today we received a box of Mammoul from Aziz. As a first impression, I would say Aziz has to work on the packaging. Served in a cake box, the Mammoul lose their authenticity. Maamoul is better served on a round plate, with the nylon wrapping oriental shops are known for. Old oriental knowhow cannot be upscaled into a fancy dessert and thrown in a box one on top of the other.


Sold by the dozen, for around LBP20,000, the Maamoul at Aziz are large in size. Round, oval or circular, and are filled with a moist heart and offer a fine crumble of dough. A dough that's not chewy or crunchy but that crumbles under the teeth in style, and is wrapped around a moist heart, moist peanuts, walnuts and even tamer. 

Almond, a Maamoul few produce, is something to look out for at Aziz. Lightly sweet, extremely crunchy and good. I recommend them. 


The fillings are tasty, the nuts are fresh, the ingredients are premium but what makes them even better, and maybe tricks your mind, is the sugar powder. Covered with sugar powder, the Maamoul have an enjoyable sweetness.

Great pistachio, great walnuts, amazing almonds but the tamer (dates) are not as good as I’d expected them to be. Let's say I've had better. The dates are too low in quantity and they’re sour for a Maamoul. 

I mostly recommend Pistachio and Wallnuts Maamoul at Aziz.

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