August 09, 2016 New York USA Americas

Eggloo: The Egg Waffles are Overrated!

Eggloo, located in China Town New York, is where thousands of egg waffles are sold daily. Four egg waffle machines, endless choices of fillings, soft serve or ice cream scoops all in a small space filled with people. What an experience...


Open the door to an appetizing smell, nice music, gentle staff and a waiting. Inside is the kingdom of egg waffles. Order, give your name and wait.

They have three choices of waffles (green tea, chocolate and normal). Cereals, endless toppings, seasonal flavors of ice cream... This time we had the cherry blossom and the Maine lobster track (vanilla ice cream, lobster colored chocolate chips filled with caramel all swirled with an Eclair crunch); it does not contain lobsters.

Taste wise; it is deceiving! Too sweet, too aromatic, a bit over chewy... Left unimpressed.

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