December 20, 2017 North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Emm Salim Bakery: Ejjet Bayd and Mabroumet Nutella in Anfeh
Sweet Tooth

My latest discovery is a must try! Emm Salim’s bakery is one of the many places that have made Anfeh famous. Located in the old souk, the famous "Tahet el Rih" resort and surely the Phoenician sea fortress... Hidden in the old village with no signboard or name, Emm Salim’s bakery is a place you really want to try and is worth making the journey to Anfeh for.

I came here for the famous "2erben" but this place turned out to have much more than that. Mabroumet Nutella or Ejjet Bayd are two amazing creations few know how to create.

Wait! Ask for an egg wrap... it's so good... "3ejjet Bayd" like you've never tasted before. It is loaded with spices, mixed with onions and parsley and baked with love. Bravo is the least I can say. Fluffy bread, moist eggs, parsley for added flavor, a mix of endless spices... two thumbs up! I have a favorite hidden gem and I’m sure it’s going to be yours too.

I love it here, the spirit, the vibes, the family fun and way of living. Check out the videos and plan your next visit to Emm Salim in Anfeh.

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