August 17, 2014

Following the NoGarlicNoOnions Food Trail

I just want to thank you enormously for your great website. I am amazed by your continuous appetizing posts! You always offer unknown delicious discoveries.
Actually, I used to check the website and facebook page for time to time, but this week, my LOVE for food was strongly stimulated, and decided to take serious actions :)
  1. Spent a day reading ALL your posts on the website, all the restaurants, the street food, the tasty discoveries, the recommended places, etc.
  2. Dressed a to-do list of the places to try
  3. Started the pleasure tour :)
I already accomplished:
Progressing with my list, I am sure that it will keep expanding with your daily articles, specially your new one 'Sweet Lebanon'... Ufffff... Wowww...
Hoping to be part of your visits one day :)
Elias Kateb

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