June 30, 2012

Food and White Teeth 101: Strawberries

After our top 10 list of  foods that increase your sexuality, now comes foods that help naturally whiten your teeth. Yes they exist. Just like how wine, coffee and cigarettes can stain your teeth, there are foods that will enhance your beautiful smile with pearly teeth. I am a dentist after all, so trust me!

Let's start with strawberries. Yes, they may stain your shirt, but they could work to whiten teeth, since they contain an enzyme called malic acid. Malic acid helps in eliminating stubborn stains from the teeth, thus, promoting whiter teeth. Try mashing up strawberries and rubbing them on your teeth. Leave for five minutes then rinse with water and brush and floss as usual. Besides, these red, juicy and sweetish berries contain plenty of nutrients like Vitamin C and antioxidants that promote good health in general.    

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