March 08, 2018 Egypt Middle East

Ghanem’s Fish Restaurant: A Traditional Street Eatery in Cairo
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In the heart of vibrant old Cairo, on the sidewalk where thousands of tourists pass every day is a street eatery called Ghanem. A small fish shop and a “Restaurant” like it’s written on the door. Santa Claus decorations left from December or probably last year and hundreds of flies to add fun to your experience. It feels authentic and traditional, sans-façon, a local eatery where food is enjoyed the local way. “Eat like a local” and enjoy Cairo!


Sofas, chairs, metallic tables, wooden tables, people walking between tables, sit and enjoy the environment while food is being prepared. Brought from the fish shop next door, trays travel to your table. I was always in love with Cairo and falling in love, even more, every time I visit. That cachet, the vibes, the people, the mood; it’s a city of dreams.


Amazing food! Amazing vibes! A long table was suddenly filled with plates, all kinds of fish, battered and deep fried. Fish prepared in a special way different from the traditional Lebanese methods. Spaghetti on an aluminum foil, feel fried eel, charcoal grilled gambas, fried calamari and the traditional tahini salad.


Fantastic indeed, a street food concept, the traditional way; eating like a local is the best way to enjoy Cairo. With that, have a bite of their famous flatbread, dig in the casserole of fish and don’t forget to taste “Moussa” the tastiest fried fish.

This is where photos speak for themselves; make sure to try this place next time you’re in Cairo.

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