July 14, 2019 Saida South Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Groupy-Ramlawi: Saida’s Best Ice Cream
Non-smokers friendly

How many times have you enjoyed a lemon ice cream tasting like a real lemon being squeezed inside your mouth? One of Lebanon’s ultimate best ice cream shops is located in Saida and is called Groupy-Ramlawi. Lemon ice cream sorbet, fresh and light, icy and intensely flavorful.


Other than that, and depending on the season, Groupy-Ramlawi produces orange ice cream, peach, and mulberry, to name a few. It’s worth the trip from Beirut, and I do it at least twice a month.

Try the Ashta ice cream, alone with no added pistachio. Instantly creamy, milky and hard textured, Ashta ice cream is one thing your brain will remember for long.


I love it, it’s one of the country’s best, on the top list with Hanna Mitri and Pure Berry. Check it out on google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/fePeydKxLf91nzE79



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