July 01, 2020 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Hammana is Lebanon's City of Big Red Cherries

Hammana is a town in Lebanon, about 26 km East of Beirut. Hammana sits at an altitude of 1200m above sea-level. It is in the Mount Lebanon Governorate in the district of Baabda. Hammana is bordered by the towns of Falougha, Shbaniye, Khraybe, Bmariam, Khalwet and Mdeirej. The village of Hammana is known for its cherry blossom and has been celebrating Cherry Day every year for more than fifty years. The village of Hammana, southeast of Beirut, is known for its cherries with its blossoming becoming a yearly event that has been celebrated for the last 50 years. The village has 7,000 residents and is home to 10 cherry farms – all of which are family-owned.


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