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Helado: A Hundred Flavors of Enjoyment in a New Location
Non-smokers friendly

If one asks about the best ice cream shops in town, Helado surely comes in the Top 3. Helado, the local famous Helado has now moved to a new place, a bigger venue located in Sahel Alma near the United St. Georges Station.


Helado never stops amazing me. Same quality, same taste, same flavors and even more creativity, which is felt in every bite. 

A double decker shop welcomes you with light colors of pink and lime facing a long fridge. More than 32 flavors and containers loaded with toppings a few or none have in town. The place is classy and fun enchanted but some soft musical tunes. 

Ice cream:

Milk, vanilla, cassata, mandarine, figs, bubble gum, raspberry, green apple, lemon, ksusha, mango, melon, strawberry, lime, grenadine, apricot raisin, caramel, almond, dark chocolate, ashta, chocolate, biscuit and loukoum, biscolata, meghli, lotus, whisky, baileys, Nutella, mint chocolate, Oreo, kinder, pina colata, amaretto.


Good to know:

  • Helado makes all their ice cream in-house. Copied from none, they use their intense knowhow, along with passion and love to make unique gelato.
  • Helado has one of the finest lemonade ever but make it a point to come in the morning to find some.
  • Quantities don't last past noon time.
  • Flavors are endless and changeable on a weekly basis. I think you'll have to come once a week to try something different.
  • Alcohol flavors are only served on Sundays.
  • A green chalk board displays the prices of the ice cream that covers three large freezers, one of which contains ready-made boxes. 


Did you know that Helado has more than 100 flavors to propose depending on the season?

Today's tastings: I won't go into each and every single one of those amazing flavors. Each is unique and each has a meaning. Pina Colada has one of the strongest aromas with a boost of coconut, pineapple and rum. Meghle is like eating the real Meghle so why not propose those for your next baby? The ice cream is topped with pine nuts, raisin and almonds. Lime is awesome. Light green color, light crunchiness, light sweetness and a boost of taste. Mandarine made of mandarine essence is like enjoying a drink on the beach. Grenadine: syrup. Whisky with excellent whisky flavors and long lasting flavors caressing your palate. Amaretto is a dream. Salted caramel is excellent. Melon is like eating a fresh fruit. Debes or molasses, reminded me of my grandpa and his bizarre ideas for a breakfast. Ksusha is strawberry mousse with white chocolate stripes. Sobbayr (prickly pears) could handle less pips. Anyway, all the flavors are exceptionally different.


Conclusion: Helado's ice cream is:

  • Not sweet
  • Not fatty
  • Not creamy
  • Full of flavor
  • Not containing crunchy water drops
  • Different
  • Offers an enjoyable texture 

I've always been a fan and will surely continue to be. Helado is one ice cream you have to try before you die.





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