March 21, 2017

I Ate That Sandwich... And Now I Adore Food! Thank You Mum

Words are never enough to express our love and appreciation for the one woman who gave us life... protected us, cherished us, tucked us in and made sure we ate our veggies and sandwiches... most of us remember how she used to trick us into eating this cheese wrap we hated so much hoping it was filled with chocolate... An airplane? A choo choo train...whatever it was we happily opened our mouths... and we find ourselves doing the same for our little ones today...


Mother's Day, a day which celebrates life, continuous giving and a stream of unconditional love... This is the day when we all take a moment to celebrate the woman who has given us life and nurtured us to becoming the man or woman we are today... I would like to take a moment here to wish my own mother, my wife and all the mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day...

Happy Mothers' Day to every nurturing, caring, protective and giving woman out there... She could be anyone!

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