July 14, 2018 Turkey Middle East

Kapurcuk: Culture and Gastronomy House
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Kapurcuk Culture and Gastronomy House is a formation that might be called a “project” that has been brought to life by the leadership of Mehmet Baysal by the Baysal Ltd.Co. Its first aim is to represent the daily life and the forgotten and vanished professions of Marmaris and bring back to life the tastes of Marmaris that we’ve missed. More generally, we wanted to show you our old and local culture which makes Marmaris unique for us by the hope that you will feel that way too.


Before we start telling you about Kapurcuk, we would like to share with you some historic facts about Marmaris to show you why we created this project, more accordingly why we love and respect Marmaris:

In 3000s B.C. Marmaris was a city of Caria and was called Physkos.


In 1522, Suleyman the Magnificent and his 100.000 soldiers temporarily settled in Marmaris before the Conquest (Siege) of Rhodes. Also, the Castle of Marmaris was built at that time by the order of Suleyman the Magnificent. In addition, a miraculous event happened while they were in Marmaris, it is believed that Sarıana’s one cow feed the whole army of the Suleyman the Magnificent. Sarıana’s Tomb is still active in Marmaris in Sarıana area of the city, people still visit the Tomb everyday to her their respects and to pray.


Between 1800 and 1801, the English Royal Fleet’s 120 warship and Ottoman Fleet’s 5 warship made the drill at the sea for the first time in the world history in Marmaris Gulf. After the drill the two fleets triumphed over Napoleon in Egypt after French invaded Egypt. Agenoria was one of these ships, its captain Barcham had his daugther while they were still in Marmaris and he named his baby girl after Marmaris. The baby’s name was the following: Marmorice Caramania Barcham.

Between 1933- 1935 the founder of our republic, our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk visited Marmaris 3 times with the ship called Gülcemal.

In 1960, our famous and well educated writer Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı who is also known as the Fisher of Halicarnassus and Yaşar Kemal, Azra Erhat, Sebahattin Eyüboğlu started the very first Blue Cruise from Marmaris.

Thus, since we acknowledge the importance of the that we shared with you above and since we also know that the traditional values of Marmaris started to be forgotten may many, we wanted to point out their importance and also we wanted them to be remembered by this project of ours.





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