August 27, 2016 New York USA Americas

La Colombe: The Talked-About Coffee Shop
Non-smokers friendly
Coffee Talk

La Colombe is the coffee place that everyone has been talking about lately. It is the trendiest around and probably the classiest. La Colombe is an upscale walk in coffee place in the range of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, only with a classier feel and look. The coffee is different here... It is tastier, sharper and this is not to mention they serve the  the world's first draft latte coffee.


Out of their single shop on Lafayette street, La Colombe is known to sell coffee to the restaurants in New York City.

The place occupies the corner street and has large windows that blends in beautifully with its neighborhood. You will find a bar in the middle, coffee machines, a display corner for croissants and breakfast items, as well as a grab and go fridge for drinks.

Look at the details. Simplicity is key here and guests love it. The color of wood, the water fountains, the small tables and stools, the high metallic table occupying the corner, the industrial look, the long wooden benches, the white ceiling, the music ...


The latte is a must try. Creamy and smooth, it caresses your lips and floats back in style while you taste milk and coffee combined. I enjoyed the cappuccino as well. I had an almond croissant, a berry scone and got ready to start my day.

At any given moment you will find a line of 30 customers waiting to enjoy their coffee.


A coffee shop to look out for... I am hoping to taste their draft latte in Lebanon soon.

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