April 27, 2018 Zahle Bekaa Lebanon Middle East

La Maison du Croissant, Zahle: French Croissants with Lebanese Influences!

Located on Zahle’s famous boulevard, La Maison Du Croissant prepares a wide selection of flaky French rolls prepared a la minute in the back kitchen. Chocolate, chocolate extra, chocolate and almonds, Knefeh, Knefeh and chocolate, zaatar, zaatar olives and mint, zaatar Labneh olives and mint, cheese, ham and cheese, cheese and turkey, spicy cheese, pizza. The choices are endless!


A simple cafe has five tables and blue colored leather sofas. Five posters decorate the walls, a Pepsi fridge, a balcony with an upper seating area and the display fridge of desserts. They even sell milk Kaak.

After the huge success of La Maison Du Croissant in Zahle, the bakery and cafe has opened another branch in Sin el Fil.


Four choices to taste:

  • What’s my favorite breakfast? “Manouchet zaatar, labneh and vegetables”: imagine this in a croissant, a flaky croissant served warm and covered with roasted sesame, loaded with fresh zaatar and cold Labneh with crispy vegetables alongside more vegetables in the side. The croissant is a blend of French savoir-faire and Lebanese village experience, musing together class, finesse and simplicity without feeling an excess of butter. I loved the zaatar and Labneh quality used to create this delicious croissant.
  • Yummy! The double chocolate croissant, they call “extra” is so yummy, I couldn’t stop licking my lips. Flaky and crunchy at the same time, the croissant is stuffed with Nutella then covered with a robe of milk chocolate. Chocolate all the way, inside out, served warm, adequately sweet and ready to draw a smile on your face. Yummy indeed!
  • Chocolate and almonds... orgasmic!!!!! Crispy fresh croissant loaded with chocolate and crunchy almonds with a robe of powdered sugar. It’s so good, so finger licking good! A yummy treat.
  • The Knefeh croissant feels more like a sandwich with the Knefeh baked inside it. A bread roll that I enjoyed with a light sweetness, a load of sesame and a warm heart. Loved it!


As good as I left it two years ago, a great experience worth a trip to Zahle!






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