November 27, 2019 Paris France Europe

L’Auberge Nicolas Flamel: Dine with Harry Potter and Enjoy Excellent French Creations
Authentic & Traditional


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 9.5/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 28/30

Architecture / Interior: 10/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 8/10

Value for money: 10/10

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Known to be the oldest auberge of paris built-in 1407, the restaurant is preserved ever since with the famous prayer engraved on the wall. Back then, Nicolas Flamel offered free food for all, asking in return to recite the prayer. Old and cozy, dine under a low ceiling supported by columns of wood. White table cloth, silver cutlery, and fine napkins, the place feels upscale and casual at the same time.


L’Auberge Nicolas Flamel is proudly owned by Alan Geaam, Lebanese Michelin starred chef and a close friend. Alan serves a Lebanese inspired fine dining cuisine in his other restaurant while preserving French traditions at Nicolas Flamel. I was so excited to try the food... I did and fell in love with it!

One of Flamel's houses still stands in Paris, at 51 rue de Montmorency. It is the oldest stone house in the city. There is an old inscription on the wall, which states, "We, ploughmen and women living at the porch of this house, built in 1407, are requested to say every day an 'Our Father' and an 'Ave Maria' praying God that His grace forgive poor and dead sinners." The ground floor currently contains a restaurant. A Paris street near the Louvre Museum, the rue Nicolas Flamel, has been named after him; it intersects with the rue Pernelle, named after his wife.


The prayer: “Nous homes et femes laboureurs demourans ou porche de ceste maison qui fu fte en lan de grace mil quatre cens et sept, somes tenus chacun en droit soy dire tous les jours une patrenostre et 1 ave maria en priant dieu que sa grace face pardon aux povres pescheurs trespassez. amen.”

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Nicolas Flamel is the only known maker of the Philosopher's Stone, an object capable of turning metal into gold and granting immortality with its Elixir of Life.


The decor:

  • Old cottage house, wood and glass windows; the place feels like a home in a Harry Potter movie.
  • Thick wooden poles support the house and help make the place better looking.
  • Three large mirrors give the space a bigger feel.
  • At the bar, drinks are prepared.
  • Big metal chandeliers pend from the ceiling.
  • Monarchy-style chairs with grey fabrics.
  • No music; the vibes are calm and discreet.

The menu is simple, four starters and six mains: the starters;

  • The foie gras
  • The scallop
  • The langoustine
  • The 63 degree egg
  • The burrata

The mains:

  • The beef
  • The duckling
  • The lamb
  • The lobster
  • The Pollock
  • The vegetarian dish


Before we start, the waiter arrived with a Mise en bouche: tuile de riz à l’encre de sèche et crème de choux fleur avec fois gras, croquette de bulgur et volaille. Aubergine et tomate. Three portions, a crunchy bite, a creamy sweet soup and a bite on a spoon; a great first impression! I loved the balance of flavors, the smooth sweetness, and the strong crunch found distinctively in every bite.

Dinner is served: First course;

  • 63 degrees cooked egg served in a bowl, floating in a cream of squash soup, kumquat and crunchy hazelnuts. I closed my eyes and started dreaming. Sweet cream with crunchy bits coming from here and there where a molten egg floats in style. It’s simple yet magical; this plate made me smile.
  • The foie gras... bravo! Premium quality foie gras with passion fruit to give it strong aromas and a kick of sweetness while the coffee takes you on a time capsule trip to the next morning. Served on a thick, crunchy brioche, the mix texture becomes so pleasant.

Main course:

  • The lamb, cooked for seven long hours giving it a buttery texture. Soft and tender, it is served with a thin crunchy biscuit and a handful of cooked vegetables cut in cubes. The sauce adds a gentle sweetness and a kick of spiciness. I loved the meat quality and the mix of textures. A simple plate created to draw a smile on your face. I loved it!
  • I tasted the beef and the langoustine from my family’s plates and loved them as well. Yummy langoustine bathing in a sweet bisque. 


Best for last, the chef’s signature dessert and the restaurant’s best creation; soufflé chocolate and soufflé Grand Marnier... when you think that you can’t eat anymore comes this amazing mouthwatering creation and you start your culinary journey all over again. Fluffy and airy like a cloud, the cake served with ice cream is guaranteed to make you smile.

Bravo chef! Tonight’s experience was memorable.

Suitable For: Authentic & Traditional





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