May 01, 2012

Lebanese Wines to be Sold at Marks&Spencers Soon

Today is May 1, Happy Labors Day to all. But now that its May, we are a little more closer to seeing Lebanese wines on the shelves of giant UK department stores, Marks&Spencers. This is part of UK retailer plans to promote Eastern Mediterranean promotion this spring.

"The wines – from Chateau Ka, Chateau Ksara and Domaine des Tourelles– will be part of an Eastern Mediterranean promotion run by the retailer, and will include wines from Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia... Ghida Kassatly Boulos, marketing manager at Chateau Ka in the town of Chtaura in the Bekaa Valley, told the process for acceptance by Marks & Spencer started last August and was ‘exhaustive’. ‘They were very picky but that is their job,’ she said, adding that at no stage did the buyers suggest changing the blend or the style of the wine for the UK market."

Great news for Lebanon!  

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