April 17, 2016

Lebanon; A Favorite Destination for Middle Eastern Travelers

One of the popular Mediterranean destinations in the world is Lebanon, where a total of 175,859 incoming tourists arrived in the country in the first two months of 2015. Arab tourists accounted for 37.5% of the total visitors, followed by European, Americans, and Asians. The extraordinary nightlife is just one of the reasons why foreign tourists flock to visit Lebanon every year. There’s a varied choice of entertainment between pubs, bars, clubs, pool parties, and the Casino Du Liban have become a haven for travelers in the last decade.


The most famous Casino in the Middle East: Located in Maameltein, Jounieh, 22 kilometers north of Beirut, Casino Du Liban is a 35,000 square meter casino that offers 400 slot machines and 60 gaming tables. It also offers visitors a five star dining experience from many of its indoor restaurants (Baccara, Cercle D’or Restaurant, International, La Martingale, La Terasse, and Meduterranean), a grandeur banquet facility, a showroom, a theatre for performances, and a nightclub for party goers. The casino opened way back in 1959, although it was shut down in 1989. The Lebanese government reopened Casino du Liban in 1996 after a reconstruction and refurbishment project that cost $50 million. In Peter J. Venison’s memoir, Shadow of the Sun: Travels And Adventures in the World of Hotels, he wrote that the casino “was elegant, yet the cabaret was spectacular and rivaled anything that Las Vegas could offer.” The author further described Casino du Liban as the perfect backdrop for a James Bond novel or movie, where one could easily spot the richest Arabian and European elite playing at high roller table in formal black attire. When it comes to the dress code, the main casino’s gaming rooms require men to wear a suit & tie, while women should be in formal dresses.

For the slot machine users, smart casual clothing is required, where jeans and sport shoes are not allowed inside. This is a stark contrast to the way casino gaming has been popularized of late. Millennials have ditched the suits and ties and instead begun playing online through the thousands of platforms available straight from their monitors and mobiles. The proliferation of 4G internet connections and the sheer amount of mobile devices nowadays has meant an increase in the number of people visiting online casinos, worldwide. According to Gaming Realms, 25% of time spent on mobile is allocated to the gaming industry. The gaming experts, who also create mobile and online gaming software, state that over 70% of their users, are now accessing their platforms through their smartphones and tablets. Gaming Realms, who offer their players a slew of commercially-licensed gaming titles, are the perfect proving ground for people to learn the many facets of modern casino games. And although very different to the likes of the Casino du Liban, these portals showcase similar games and casino staples for people to learn the ropes.

However, even thought we move with the times and love to be in touch with modern tech innovations, you can help marvel at the Casino du Liban, which is a far cry from the latest tech releases. Its rich tapestry is a cornerstone of the local community. Apart from Venison’s memoir, the casino has been featured in other literary pieces, such as: • Captain from Corfu by Muriel Maddoz • The Man in the Middle by Hugh Atkinson • Danger and Opportunity: An American Ambassador’s Journey Through the Middle East by Edward Djerejian

There are plenty of hotels options you can choose from that are located in Jounieh-Maameltein, including the very popular Monte Casino Boutique Hotel (0.5 kilometer away) and the Bay Inn Hotel (1 kilometer away).

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