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Lebanon Number One on CNN's List of Best Kebabs
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I love it when Lebanon seems to find it's way on the list of the best foods to find around the world. This time CNN sheds light on Kebabs and don't we just love it... and Lebanon is number one on the list of TOP 5 places to have Kababs.

According to CNN's Gabrielle Jackson: Kebabs: the food of ancient Ottoman emperors, Persian courts and, in recent times, inebriated persons. In much of the Western world, particularly Europe, the kebab has become the must-have meal for all variety of people falling out of pubs and clubs between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. This couldn’t be further from the situation in the Middle East. Here, grilled meat served with salad and flatbread or rice is a meal for all the family. Here’s where to find some of the world’s best kebabs.

1. Barbar in Beirut, Lebanon

Even at 5 a.m., Barbar's chefs smile while preparing chicken shawarma. Beirut is a cosmopolitan city where food standards are high. When it comes to kebabs, Barbar is a Beirut institution. It’s a snack bar with branches throughout the city, but its flagship store is in trendy Hamra, where it takes up a whole block and overflows with customers night and day. You can eat almost anything at Barbar and be happy, but the chicken shawarma is the tastiest pint-sized snack. Marinated in spices including cardamom and cinnamon, the chicken is sliced off the rotating shawarma, laid in a piece of warm, fresh Lebanese bread with a smear of garlic paste and a pickle. Barbar, Hamra, between Hamra main road and Emile Edde (leon) Street, Hamra, Beirut; +961 (0)1 747 721

Other countries on the list include Turkey, Iran and Greece.      

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