November 18, 2016

What's the Bramble Banta?

Inspired by the quintessential Lemon Banta, Farzi Café reinvents this classic bubbly cooler by ingeniously mixing spices and herbs. Offering an enticing union of nostalgia with delightful flavours, The Bramble Bantas are an exceptional blend that breaks away from the norm. These fizzy concoctions, served in vintage marble-stoppered bottles, offer an enchanting play of contrasts by contemporizing the traditional appeal of Bantas.

Bramble Banta2

Each bubbly sip is carefully nuanced and perfected to deliver an unforgettable sensory experience.

Exploring the art of mixology, Farzi’s maestros have developed exceptional blends by pairing citrus extracts with minty accents that are peppered with robust spices to set your taste buds tingling. The libations at Farzi Café combine the crisp, sharp taste of sweet cider with delicate floral nectars for a tantalizing experience. The lush berry mix, punctuated with an exceptional tang will excite the adventurous and indulge gourmands alike.

New flavours include:

  • Ginger Orange Melody: Mandarin Juice with ginger and holy basil and lime juice
  • Smash Shikhanjvi: Fresh coriander with mint lemon and chat Masala
  • Hara Apple: Fresh Green Apple, apple juice elder flower syrup and lime juice
  • Cola Veri: Homemade vanilla syrup, lime juice and coke
  • Bubbleberry: Cranberry Juice with bubble-gum syrup and sumac berry
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