February 25, 2022

MadebyNature in Lebanon – Mouneh Hub and Meeting Place of Lebanese Heroes

Lebanon's one-of-a-kind, Positivity, Local Producers, Farmers, Lebanese Artists & Mouneh Hub

Nature by Marc Beyrouthy in partnership with NoGarlicNoOnions proudly invites you to the Grand Opening of "MadebyNature", the Mouneh Hub and Lebanese concept store.

After Made by Nature’s successful teaming up with NoGarlicNoOnions and Rural Delights Cooperative in 2021 to revive the monthly farmers market - La Campagne En Ville - we have come together again but this time with a much bigger vision. A vision to create a permanent marketplace for Lebanese mouneh and a meeting place for Lebanese heroes, small producers, and the public where people from everywhere can come together to connect, to learn, to share, to inspire and be inspired, to taste and drink, and to enjoy the best of Lebanon and what its small producers have to offer. 

We are excited to be launching this one-of-a-kind, permanent Mouneh Hub. We have a huge line-up of activities on the day for both young and old to experience and enjoy. 

This project has been a mammoth effort by numerous people who have come together and invested their time and resources into making this vision for a unique and permanent marketplace for Lebanese mouneh, a reality. We extend our thanks to every single person involved. It’s your turn now to support Lebanon and enjoy the best of what the country’s local producers and heroes have to offer. Come and check out this exciting new meeting place and Mouneh Hub, meet the teams from Made by Nature and NoGarlicNoOnions and join us to celebrate our Grand Opening in style. 

Venue: Made by Nature, Kaslik, Zouk, Seaside Road, in the former Brands for Less Building

About Nature

Nature is a well-known brand in Lebanon established by its Chairman Dr. Marc Beyrouthy, Agricultural & Biological Engineer, TV host and local nature expert among other things, who has been touring Lebanon with Anthony Rahayel for over a year to explore and showcase local biodiversity.

Nature by Marc Beyrouthy is dedicated to serving local and rural communities. It supports local farmers and producers market their products so they can reach a wider consumer audience. It has also introduced one of the biggest local online shopping platforms for Lebanese mouneh called Made by Nature who deliver to customers all over Lebanon - https://madebynature.app/

About NoGarlicNoOnions

NoGarlicNoOnions, founded by popular YouTuber, content creator, and social media influencer Anthony Rahayel, is not just a food and travel blog. Anthony has been on a mission in search of Lebanese mouneh and Lebanese heroes since 2012. His blog has evolved from its early beginnings and become an address for daily happiness and joy, for providing engaging and positive content, showcasing unseen Lebanon, its people and heroes, places and amazing food, and for connecting people together. Follow Anthony Rahayel’s fun adventures on his YouTube channel, come along on his journey, and be inspired by his mission:


Made by Nature in Lebanon – Mouneh Hub and Meeting Place of Lebanese Heroes 

The MadebyNature Mouneh Hub is the largest and very first of its kind, permanent marketplace for all things Lebanese Mouneh, artisans and fresh produce.


Join us at this event on Sunday 27 February 2022 from 9 am to 4 pm to support Lebanon’s farmers and small producers. The biggest Lebanese Mouneh marketplace in the world or “happiness meeting hub” as described by NoGarlicNoOnions’ own Anthony Rahayel, screams contemporary, is both welcoming and brilliantly designed, and will be open to the public every day from Sunday 27 February 2022. 

About La Campagne en Ville 

La Campagne en Ville is Made by Nature’s contribution to Lebanon’s greatest terroir. It supports Lebanese small producers, enables them to connect with consumers in a monthly farmer’s and local producers market where you can meet the creators and support fellow Lebanese by buying made-in Lebanon food products and goods. https://instagram.com/lacampagneenville

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