November 19, 2016 Lebanon Middle East

Marly's Lebanese Inspired Cupcakes
Sweet Tooth

Marley's Goodies are indeed goodies like non other out there. On a beautiful Saturday morning, Marley walked into my office with a big happy smile on her face and handed me a white box. The minute I opened the box, a whiff of delicious aromas left me dazed... What's in the box?


Marly prepares cupcakes like no other - literally!  Open the box and be prepared to be amazed by the fresh smells... colorful and fresh. Beautifully decorated and inspired by the Lebanese desserts, I tried three kinds of cupcakes that made my day. Meghle, Biscuit w Raha and Osmaliye.

Yes I am still talking about cupcakes. With the cupcakes comes a card where each flavored cupcake is explained and ingredients are shared.

  • Osmaliyeh is a fresh cupcake that smells like oriental sweets, crowned with osmalliyeh vermicelli biscuit laying on musk Swiss meringue butter cream with a mahlab flavored cupcake decorated with crushed pistachios and candied rose petals. Moist and non-chewy cupcakes and rich in different flavors and adequately sweet. A blend of different textures creates a journey around a Lebanese table. It's not every day you get the chance to taste and enjoy am oriental and unique cupcake.


  • Meghle cupcakes created with style and wrapped with a decorative robe. Cinnamon, caraway and anise spiced cupcakes filled with luscious meghle adorned with rich cream cheese frosting and decorated with coconut shreds and assorted nuts. Oh wow! Strong aromas caress your senses before biting into a meghle cupcake. Juicy dough infused with Anis and light spices will tickle your palate as you feel the intensity of the cream cheese. The meghle is so tasty. Bravo.


  • Biscuit w Raha with rose water essence flavor and rose loukoum decor. Rosewater essence flavored cupcakes, frosted with rosewater Swiss meringue butter cream topped with sweet rose loukoum and biscuit. It looks nice and fresh. The dough, although a bit dry, didnt stop me from eating it all as the flavors and strong rose water aromas covered up this detail. It's buttery and surely not for the faint-hearted. 


Unique, innovative and recommended!

Categories: Tasty Discoveries
Suitable For: Sweet Tooth


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