May 07, 2017

McDonald’s Reveals Fry-Fork Hybrid

McDonald’s revealed the Frork, a quasi-utensil, fry-fork hybrid designed solely for scooping up the quality ingredients that may fall while eating a new Signature Crafted™ Recipes sandwich.

McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes sandwiches feature premium ingredients and unique flavor combinations, including Pico Guacamole, Sweet BBQ Bacon and Maple Bacon Dijon.

Each sandwich is served with delicious toppings for customers to enjoy, even when they fall out. McDonald’s is tackling this so-called dilemma with the Frork, a silicone fork-shaped utensil topped with an opening where the customer can insert three-to-four fries. The fries become the prongs of the Frork— edible, utilitarian and desperately innovative. 

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