January 11, 2015

McVitie's DeliChoc: Thickly-coated Belgian Chocolate Biscuit

DeliChoc is already popular in Europe, having originated in France and Belgium as part of UB’s Delacre portfolio. Part of the everyday special treats category, the product comprises a slab of thick Belgian chocolate on top of an extra-crunchy biscuit, and comes in three varieties; milk, dark and white chocolate. The international manufacturer of biscuits and cakes are launching McVitie’s DeliChoc in the UK.


The New McVitie’s DeliChoc range is being rolled out across grocery stores and depots from early January. The product is sold in 150g tray packs and is offered in case sizes of 12s or 6s PMP, offering options to both grocery and convenience customers.

I hope Lebanon brings these thickly-coated Belgian chocolate biscuit that has an intensely crunchy sensation... I am dreaming already. In the meantime, if you're a fan of McVitie's ask your friends living abroad to get you some to taste.

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