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2014: Best Lebanese Seafood Restaurants


Mhanna Sur Mer: Repeated Perfection by the Mediterranean Seashore

Mhanna Sur Mer is one of my favorite Lebanese/Seafood restaurants for as long as I can remember. It has been an address I head down to year after year to enjoy some good and tasty local cuisine by the Mediterranean seashore . I have given it a 91/100 the first time and a 94/100 on another occasion... Let's see what they get this time round.

Babel Bahr: A New Lighthouse Illuminates Amchit

Babel Bahr, a new name added to the family of Babel restaurants across Lebanon. I think by now many of you have already encountered my infatuation and appreciation towards Babel Restaurant. I have been to both Babel Dbayeh and Babel Bay, where I have enjoyed and tasted signature dishes unique to each... now it was time to try its new location. Luckily I was one of the first to try its new grand location in Amchit. I am so excited to share the experience I had in this impressive lighthouse.

Al Yater: Traditional Yet Innovative Seafood Cuisine

It all starts with the decoration of this three-story restaurant located on the water of Tabarja bay, a couple of meters away from Le Galet restaurant. You enter through a ship's rounded door into the welcoming winter area, where long square tables are set up near the window overlooking the dancing waves, with an elevator that can take you closer to the water... The terrace, on the first floor, is where we chose to enjoy tonight's meal which was specially prepared by the owners, making sure our night is one that we will look back some time.

Le Galet: Fine Fish Restaurant

Le Galet is one of those interesting places in Lebanon where you can go eat good food in a cozy ambiance while enjoying a pleasant sea view. Located on Tabarja sea shores, a few kilometers away from Beirut towards the North, Le Galet is one of my favorite places. I have already been there twice, and loving it more and more each time.

Chez Sami: The Seafood Specialist

Chez Sami, a renowned Lebanese Seafood restaurant located on the Maameltein highway has been know to serve premium quality seafood for the last couple of decades or so. Chez Sami is a family business owned and operated by the Rizkallah family.

Karam El Bahr, Zaitunay Bay

The prestigious KARAM Beirut, one of the first high-end Lebanese restaurants in town is introducing a new concept: KARAM Al-Bahr. Not only is this local fish restaurant located at Beirut’s newest all-year round destination, Zaitunay Bay, but it is also stationed in a coincidental location for KARAM’s restaurateur. In fact, KARAM Al-Bahr will be taking on the legacy of previous KARAM, the family’s restaurant that was present in “Hayy el Zaitunay” over 60 years ago.

Homemade with Love and Passion: Maguy's Fresh Daily Catch

In Lebanon, there are a handful of gems found in different parts of the country. I recently stumbled upon one, just 45 minutes away from Beirut heading North. Get into the car, drive towards Batroun  and you'll discover a beautiful restaurant with a dreamy view of the Mediterranean sea. It's colorful, humble, comfortable, homey and more importantly tasty- Chez Maguy.

Babel Bay: Your Reason to Visit the Zaitunay Waterfront

In 2011 when Zaitunay Bay first launched they said we would "embark on a journey of tastes that take you into a savory world of temptations, embracing culture and flavor." They described all the restaurants and I remember, Babel’s blurb said, "Babel's offering at Zaitunay Bay is an innovative and unique approach to Mediterranean Lebanese Cuisine. 

Al-Sultan Brahim New Restaurant in Jounieh

The Al-Sultan Brahim story started in 1968 in the region of Jnah in Beirut before moving to Antelias in 1978. In Antelias, the place built its name to become one of the top rated Lebanese food restaurants of the country. The top five list in my opinion hosts Al Halabi, Mehanna, Al-Sultan Brahim, Mounir and Karam.

San Stephano Batroun, Fish Restaurant on the Water Shores

Nestled on Batroun’s seashore, San Stephano beach resort is known locally for its private, sandy beach, outdoor wedding venue and its fish restaurant, which offers a wide selection of freshly caught seafood.

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