February 18, 2020

8 Delicious Foodie Destinations Around the World

We all love food. We eat wherever we go. The choice of food we make determines how we enjoy it and the quality of life we have. For travelers, you may realize that food is distinct in various regions around the globe. Your destination determines what you eat. But you may also want to taste samples of exotic foods from other communities. Traveling allows you to savor the best dishes from around the world. 

In this post, you will learn about the best vacation destinations for food lovers. Whenever you plan a tour to any of these countries or regions, try and have, at least, a bite and record your experience. Your food travel experience will not only help you to eat a variety of foods but also connect with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

These eight foodie destinations top the list of the best places to eat around the world.

1. Tokyo, Japan 

You guessed it right. The 2020 Olympics are taking place in Japan this Summer. I know you are planning your visit to Tokyo to witness the sports live. You can use the time in the city to taste some of the best Japanese food servings in the town. You will love the friendly people and their interesting culture.

Tokyo is the origin and hub for Edomae sushi. For the best delicacy, head over to Yamanote. You may want to try Ponta Honke, a Western hotel serving both local and exotic foods, where top prominent people and politicians dine. It is only a two-minute walking distance from Okachimachi Station.

2. Manila, Philippines

One of the unknown characteristics of Manila is that it is one of the best food hubs in the world. According to foodies, the city only comes second after Thailand in food sampling. Another amazing thing about Manila is that you will find a variety of food types to quench your exotic food sampling desire. 

Balut is one of the most prominent Philippines foods on the Manila streets. This food is infamous to most Western cultures and other people from around the world. Essentially, balut is a fertilized egg that is 21-days-old developing embryo, which they cook by boiling. You eat the food while it is still hot (can cool a bit). Peel off the shell and the membrane, sip the liquid, and then eat the furry underdeveloped duckling. It is a great source of protein.

3. Mendoza, Argentina 

A tour is not a complete one without adventure, food, and, sometimes, drinks. Great food and winery, together with adventurous activities, are essential for any wanderlust soul. Mendoza is one of the few cities around the world where you experience the three things in one place.

The city is popular for wine drinking as the main activity. You can have as much Dalmore as you want while watching the Andes from the restaurant balconies. Visit the parks and have a deep siesta in nature. Empanadas and Asado are some of the local delicacies you will taste in Mendoza.

4. Paris, France

It is very rare to talk about travel and not mention Paris. It is food time, and, yes, Paris is among the top cities list. Are you going to see the Eiffel Tower? Why not stop by and have a taste of the yummy escargots - local french food consisting of cooked land snails?

5. Sydney, Australia

The New South Wales capital is not only the best hub for water adventurous activities. While kayaking or surfing, you would want to eat, and you only need the best foods. Sydney is one of the spots where you will find various types of food for your taste. Regardless of your origin or food preferences, you can be sure to find your favorite in almost all the restaurants in Sydney. Dim Sum and Kangaroo meat are some of the best foods to experience in Sydney. You may also want a bite of cake from the Black Star Pastry.

6. Phuket, Thailand

If you noticed, we mentioned that Thailand is the best-known food destination in the world. Down from the Capital, Bangkok, to Phuket, everything is food - and yummy for that matter. Noodles and seafood are the first choices of food for travelers who want to eat something close to familiarity. For local food enthusiasts, you would want to try red and green curries or coconut and chicken soup.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Småkager and licorice are some of the common delicacies you can find in Denmark. But there are so many options at your disposal. The traditional Danish bread, rugbrød, is ideal for lunch meals, while asparagus can suffice all your vegetable needs. You may want the asparagus as part of your main dish or as a salad to your grilled bacon.

8. London, England

People often forget about the English capital when it comes to food. Among the best food destinations, London tops the list for international dishes. Are you afraid of trying new foods? You can still travel and enjoy your favorite dish in London. You would not want to leave the city before visiting Camden Market for some mouth-watering delicacies.

Summing Up

There are so many places to go and many things to do around the world connected to food. As a foodie traveler, your destination choice would depend on your taste buds and desire for variety. With adequate preparation, you have the opportunity to taste both local and exotic foods in various cities you visit. Make your food travel bucket and start eating fresh, clean, healthy, and scrumptious dishes around the globe.

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