March 18, 2019 Copenhagen Europe

Copenhagen, Denmark: Discovering a New City. My Travel Notes

I’ve been dreaming of traveling to Denmark for so long! I’ve dreamt of discovering this new city and having lunch at Noma. It’s finally happening; I’m taking the next Middle East flight to this marvelous city. Four days won’t be enough for sure but let’s consider this a mise-en-bouche to more visits.


Middle East Airlines now takes direct flights to Copenhagen. Onboard the Airbus A320, I remember enjoying a delicious Moghrabieh, few housewives know how to prepare. Two movies, a relaxing flight while we prepare for landing. Copenhagen here I come!

I never saw an airport covered with real wood parquet; a great first impression preparing you for what is yet to come — a perfect and neat airport: clean, welcoming, handled by an attentive staff. Everyone smiles! At passport control, the wait doesn’t exceed five minutes. At baggage return, you have a coffee or a burger. I was enchanted.

Arriving at the hotel, I was impressed for the fourth time by this exceptional brand; The Radisson. I’ve tried it in Amsterdam, in Kuwait, in Dubai and now in Copenhagen, feeling happy every time. I’m always impressed by the welcoming, the positive vibes, the attention, and room size.


It’s the first impression, it’s a feeling; I felt good from the minute the plane landed — a beautiful country where people are happy and satisfied. One of the happiest countries on earth will impress you. The main reason for visiting was experiencing Noma, but it seems I’ll be coming here more often.

Today is the fourth day; before going into the details of the last four days, I have to tell you that there is something bizarre about this country. Happiest country? I don’t see happiness much. Service is not welcoming for tourists. Food is too complicated and way too expensive! I didn’t eat anything good except at Noma and Barr. I came here with high expectations, I’m not leaving impressed.


My personal notes: people don’t like Arabs and tourists. Some are happy, and welcoming others are too rude. The country is too expensive! Every meal for four persons would cost you at least 300$. Taxis are not feasible; you’ll end up walking to avoid them. The hotel and Noma are the two impressive experience I’ll remember and come back for. Middle East airlines travels three times a week to Copenhagen.

Back to my trip; arriving at the airport, the first impression is excellent. The Royal Radisson hotel is one of the most pleasant hotels I’ve been to. A superb location in the heart of the action, great views, amazing room, excellent amenities, and professional service. If I have to choose my next visit hotel, it would be this one again.


Let’s discover the city: restaurants I’ve tried:


My notes about the city:

  • Visit during summer days for an enjoyable street food experience.
  • It’s too expensive to spend more than a week in Copenhagen; restaurant cost at least double the price than a restaurant in Lebanon.
  • Fish is the main ingredient; complicated things, some good other not. Starred restaurants are everywhere, serving good food at high prices.
  • Taxis are expensive; I suggest to visit during summertime and have a bicycle at hand.
  • Copenhagen doesn’t have UBER.
  • Everyone speaks perfect English, American English.
  • 7/11, the American grocery store is all around the place and open 24/7.
  • Dinner or Lunch at Noma will cost you 500$/person if you happen to find a reservation.

I loved this city; I’m planning to visit again during summertime.






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