November 05, 2017 New York USA Americas

Milk and Cream Cereal Bar: A New Kind of Ice Cream Hits New York
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth

It’s so generous that it will make your mouth water, it’s so tasty that it will draw a smile on your face... I’ve been to hundreds of soft serve and ice cream places and believe me "Milk Cereal Bar" is one of the best in terms of taste, flavor, creaminess, smoothness and shape... and then you discover that it’s not even soft serve!


Milk Cereal Bar has an endless choice of cereals to add to your ice cream cone, several colorful cones to choose from and a different way of doing it... it’s not that big machine that uses synthetic pre-prepared mixes but more of a hand activated machine that doesn’t use pressure or air bubbles. The ice cream ends up being creamy but not heavy and not airy like cheap places do it. Just the right amount of sugar, balanced flavors then comes some decorative cereals on top to give this creation freshness, color and more taste. 

Service is great! Vibes are awesome! The place rocks!


I had the Froot Berry Bliss to start, a blend of Froot Loops, strawberries and blueberries topped with fruity things. The second is the Chocolate Cocoa Crunch with M&M and chocolate chips.

I loved the machine: they add the ice cream - ice cream scoops - to a certain container, prepare the ingredients on the side, blend them together and then press it up to fill the cone. So after all its simply milk ice cream served in a soft serve manner. Waw! I never knew this machine existed.

Even the biscuit is different, its smell, its taste, it is very different from the simple waffle cones found around the world. The guys here have nailed it!

Impressed by what I saw and what I’ve tasted today!

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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