September 20, 2016 California USA Americas

Peggy Sue's Historical Roadside Diner
Non-smokers friendly
Authentic & Traditional

This original roadside diner built in 1954 with nine counter stools and 3 booths is set in the shadow of the Calico mountains. Peggy Sue's promises good diner food and an iconic experience back from he days when Route 66 was joining Americas sides.


Old music, waitresses from the fifties, the same decor you see in movies and a load of tourists coming from all over to enjoy the experience. A low ceiling, dimmed lights, photos covering the walls, a dark carpet and several bars preparing drinks as well as fridges displaying those renowned pies.

Exactly like the movies... leather sofas, wooden tables, ketchup and mustard on each one of them, fans turning under the ceiling, the metallic bar, high stools and yellow lights.

Peggy Sue's is he food by also the iconic shop. If I had the chance to, I would have bought half of it.

Burgers, soups, fabulous fries, Pork chops, pastrami and salads as well as sweet pies. I ordered several things of the menu to have a general idea of the food quality and taste.


  • Buddy holly bacon cheeseburger with homemade coleslaw and curly fries. The pastrami with Swiss cheese grilled on rye bread. The curly fries are homemade, they don't have the taste of frozen fries with garlic powder and seasonings. Yellow, not crunchy, a tender heart exactly like fries at home taste like served with a burger that looks simple with no sophistication and sauces. Coleslaw with a bit of sugar and crunchy cabbage; a good one. The burger reminded me of my childhood; sweet pickles, fresh tomatoes, a juicy meat and the bun. Add ketchup, mustard and enjoy.
  • The pastrami is good! Fatty, juicy and tender meat on rye bread soaked with butter and fat. Unfortunately it was too salty but good enough to be enjoyed.
  • Oh my goodness!!!! The desserts... so finger licking yummy! The ice cream Sunday is awesome and the banana custard cream pie with the cream on top and the crunchy button is super Duper extravagant. Oh so good!!!!!!

So happy to have experienced Peggy Sue's Diner, so proud and honored to have been one of their customers, to have tried this restaurant and one day tell my kids about it.

Suitable For: Authentic & Traditional





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