July 25, 2016 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Pizza Pie: That's What I Call American Pizza! (Restaurant Closed)
Out with the Guys Get it Delivered

Phone Number: +961-4-525980

Address: Street Four, Rabieh Internal Road, Facing St. Elie Church, Metn, Lebanon ( 11:30AM - 10:30)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/PizzaPieLebanon

Price Range: 15-35 $

A couple of days ago I mentioned trying a pizza place that recently opened near my house called Winks and I also mentioned there's another pizza place that opened almost a year ago and they are both not far from one another. Today I am trying Pizza Pie.  Let's order in, Pizza Pie is a place I enjoyed. I loved it actually and will recommend it to all my friends.


A gentleman answers the phone, very respectful and the delivery was made right on time, he even offered us a sweet pizza.

A medium sized pizza reached our home extremely hot - literally straight out of the oven. It was so hot, I had to wait a couple minutes before taking the first bite. Chicago style -thick and filled with cheese. Superb. Bravo for giving the country the chance to eat a decent American style pizza.

It's about a firm dough topped with a load of cheese -1 centimeter of thickness - covered with another thin layer of cooked dough, decorated with a generous portion of juicy tomato sauce, embraced with a thick and crunchy border. A premiere in town, my favorite American pizza for sure. Good job.

We had the spinach and ham which adds flavor to the pizza without covering in the cheese richness. The four cheese is so good and so flavorful, the ingredients used are well balanced and equilibrated to activate all your taste buds. An intense juiciness, real flavors, a journey of taste. And the tomato sauce is as good as all the rest, served on top, this tomato sauce is not absorbed by the dough keeping it firm and steady.

The jalapeños margarita is subtle and surely enjoyed with its light faded spiciness.


The thin pizza is more Italian style pizza. It was good, thin and not soggy with flavorful ingredients and a crunchy border. Not as sexy as the thick one but it was good enough to be enjoyed and ordered again.

Best for last! The dessert pizza: A calzone pizza stuffed with warm bananas and cooked Nutella is drizzled with chocolate sauce. A crunchy dough feels like a biscuit and the generously filled heart is fun to my buds... Chef, I send you my regards and appreciation. Man it's so good!


I couldn't but call back to congratulate the owner for the great pizza. He told me about the concept and their experience with two pizza places they owned back in Boston. It explains the know how and savoir-faire.

I was happy and satisfied to have discovered a good pizza close to home, a pizza I surely recommend to my friends. Everyone deserves to enjoy a reasonably priced fresh pizza delivered hot and tasty, as well as enjoy professional service, premium ingredients... Pizza Pie is am innovative concept to look out for in 2016.


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