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Winks: The Black Pizza Box is not Worth it
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A new pizza place has recently opened next to my house (Mtayleb area) and it's called Winks. With an interesting Instagram account, a neat menu with no photos, pizzas delivered in beautiful black boxes ... We ordered pizza for dinner...


Two pizza places have opened at the same time just a few meters apart from one another. Let's start with Winks.

Winks boasts a large menu including a selection of classics, specialities, sweets, salads... You can customize your own pizza as well.

I received four boxes, four choices, beautifully looking, generously covered with good quality ingredients but the dough... The problem is the dough.

Let's eat first:

  • The spinach pizza with mozzarella cheese looks funny. Too vegetarian; it needs some cream but it tastes good enough. The dough on another hand is chewy, very thin and the borders are hard and chewy like a gum.
  • Tomato sauce, chunks of goat cheese, rocket leaves and balsamic vinegar, this one has an acceptable crust with crunchy borders but a bit too generous on the cheese. Please can I ask the pizzaiolo to invest a bit more time in cutting the pizza better so it doesn't reak when you try to grab a slice.
  • The chicken and barbecue tastes good because the barbecue sauce is cooked in-house, lightly sweet it offers an interesting taste; the problem is that the barbecue sauce turns the dough into a hard caramelized layer of bread.
  • The black pizza, tastes exactly like the others with no added value. Covered with vegetables the overall mix lacks juiciness and flavor.
  • Sweet pizzas look good. Caramelized biscuit calzone and the Nutella roll. Surely better than the one at Nonna. The Nutella roll is made of crunchy layers filled with Nutella. A tasty flavor unsweetened by baking. The caramelized biscuit is fine, the upper crust gives no added value, the lower one is dry but the taste is sweet enough to be appreciated.


What I liked:

  • Professional service and operator.
  • Design is well thought off.
  • Generous and premium quality ingredients.

What I'll improve:

  • The pizzas arrived warm not hot.
  • The dough requires immediate and serious attention.
  • Taste is average.

Being honest, I'm not sure the pizzas are exceptional enough to order again soon.

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