January 13, 2019 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Delivery From "Meat the Fish": Gourmet, Healthy and Tasty
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Phone Number: +961 1 993606

Address: Saifi Village, Downtown, Beirut Central District, Lebanon

Website: http://www.meatthefish.com/

Price Range: 25-70 $

Meat the Fish: Good Food... Not Enough

When you have a bit of extra money to spare and want to enjoy gourmet food delivered to your doorstep; order from Meat the Fish. "Meat the Fish" is Lebanon’s supplier of fresh fish and meat, special items rarely found around town. Creative, innovative and colorful sandwiches that will draw a smile on your face.


Craving some good food at work, Meat the Fish was an obvious choice. Delivered on the Toters app in thirty minutes, I ordered avocado toast, grain bowl and goji berries, beef Tatar’s and the market salad.

Start with the salad, a refreshing salad containing avocados and lettuce with the sauce that makes all the difference. Crisp veggies, ripe avocados, and a strongly flavorful sauce. The avocado toast is probably the country’s best! So lemony, acidic, spicy and loaded with flavors on a thin and chewy French bread! It’s really awesome! Next time I’m ordering it with smoked salmon on top.


Grains in a bowl, a handful of them, with kale, green beans and the special sauce which makes all the difference. I loved the quinoa, the miso vinaigrette and the crunchy bits spread around the bowl. There is a faded spiciness at the end that caresses your lips for long minutes afterward.

The beef, beautifully marbled beef, so tender like butter, so rich and so good! That’s a memorable dish.

Excellent food! Really excellent!

Categories: Fish & Seafood


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