October 15, 2018 Paris France Europe

Ramen Bowl: Exquisite Food, Great Service , Happy People in Paris
Non-smokers friendly
Casual Dining

I love Ramens and when I discovered a Ramen place minutes from my hotel with a rating of 4,5, I ran to enjoy it. Ramen Bowl is considered to be the 137th over 15,431 restaurants in Paris. Ramen bowl restaurant sells noodles in sauce and without, dumplings and Japanese starters. Dimmed ambiance, red and blue lights with a bar brightly lit in white, Ramen Bowl is a casual eatery where seats have no back.


Yummy food is served here loaded with spices yet balanced and magically cooked. Staff is welcoming and happy, the ambiance is fresh and casual... the food experience was memorable.


I started with the soja salad, a favorite! Spicy, intense, watery, fresh and tasty. The potato and cheese circles are memorable. The fried gyoza are to die for. The food here is simple and innovative at the same time, and loaded with love; it’s cooked from the heart.


These people know what they’re doing: real noodles, loaded bowls, intense flavors, good quality rice... everything that would make you travel to Japan while staying in Paris. That noodles bowl rocks! I was so happy, enjoying the moment that I didn’t even want to write a review. The other bowl of rice and fried chicken escalope is as good; my wife finished it entirely.


Best for last the real ramen bowl floating in its liquid; bravo, bravo, bravo! You rock guys! I enjoyed my dinner so much and this food is memorable!

Your Ramen address in Paris is called “Ramen Bowl”.

Suitable For: Casual Dining





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