March 16, 2021

Sandwich w Noss to finally open in the UAE with BlackSpoon

Sandwich w Noss, the renowned Lebanese QSR, is finally coming to Dubai under the umbrella of BlackSpoon, the organization behind successful operations such as Allo Beirut, Ibn AlBahr and Bombay Bungalow, among others.

The franchise development plan was signed between Sandwich w Noss founder, Rony Abou Saab and BlackSpoon Partners; Fadi Haidar, Pallav Patel, Walid Sulayman and Marwan Istaitie.

“This is a great addition to our great portfolio of brands with culinary genius”,stated Fadi Haidar. He added, “We are proud to have BlackSpoon lead the way to the regional expansion of such a creative and original brand”. 

Sandwich w Noss founder Rony Abou Saab said “We believe BlackSpoon has the expertise we need to take our brand to the demanding market that is the UAE and are very confident with our choice and the future of Sandwich w Noss. This is the first step in a regional expansion” 

The development plan will have the first Sandwich w Noss flagship store to open in Dubai during the third quarter of 2021, with many more to open gradually in various locations in the UAE within the next 2 years.

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