September 01, 2016 USA Americas

Silver Moon: A Diner Since 1959
Non-smokers friendly

A logo that looks like the looney tunes one, a diner like any their diner until you've opened the door... dramatic! Low music, heavy vibes, dimmed lights, old decor, and low-faded music. People around here don't seem to be happy at all. Iconic, the place is a must visit and found all around the net but believe me, I felt like leaving the minute I sat foot in.


A shop and than the restaurant. Plastic sofas and nylon table covers, chandeliers pending over every table and photos of artists and celebrities decorating al the walls.

Even the menu is not appetizing. Blurred photos, too many colors, too much to read and non-appetizing photos. Having Mexican and American specialties, I went for the items that have a #1 next to them being specialties. The nacho grande, the mother road burger and the Albuquerque turkey melt, a sandwich I had at the previous diner.

Nacho Grande: corn tortilla chips topped with a blend of cheddar and jack cheeses, spicy beef, beans, pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole. Dry non-crunchy but hard and close to inedible nachos soaked in oil and topped with minced meat, that taste like corned beef. Not good at all!


The mother road burger: the burger looks like a Mc Donald, a cheap bun but two thick patties. As an overall taste, if you add ketchup and mustard, it turns out to be as good as a Big Mac... not impressed and will never repeat it.

The turkey melt is about grilled rye bread topped with smoked turkey, roasted green chili, guacamole and Swiss cheese. As it is... disgusting. Something gooey, bread not toasted enough, non-melted cheese, and the butter green chili. Fries are crunchy with a homemade feel.






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