June 03, 2018 Dubai UAE GCC Middle East

Skyteam Lounge; Dubai International Airport
Non-smokers friendly

Now open in Dubai's Terminal 1, Concourse D, the Skyteam lounge is an architectural masterpiece. A bright lounge beautifully decorated with stripes of wood takes on a journey around a labyrinth creating intimate yet relaxing spaces. Where is the main color accompanied by spots of yellow and grey alongside pillows of orange and light green.


Choose a sofa or a leather seat, a stool or a normal chair, the lounge has it all for everyone. Pass the counter and be welcomed by a newsstand facing a wall of fresh greenery, a choice of food beautifully presented and carefully displayed, a balanced lunch menu that includes rice, pasta, meat, hummus, bites, salads, kebbeh... as well as a fridge display of sweets. Down the hall, enjoy an intimate alcohol bar with a reasonable choice of bottles along the walls. Wines from France, whiskies and vodka are all at your fingertips.


The lounge also has two private rooms; a tv room and a kids corner. A business center is here to help you finish your work. With a view onto the terminal, natural light comes in from the airport ceiling and enough lanterns to brighten up your day, the lounge is a relaxing place to spend a couple hours before your flying. They even have USB plugs next to every seat.



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