May 16, 2014

Sur La Table SteakChamp Thermometer

Have your steaks grilled perfectly at the right temperature without any guesswork as you make use of the Medium Rare Sur La Table SteakChamp Thermometer. Sur-La-Table-SteakChamp-Thermometer-Medium-Rare Not recommended for steaks under 1? thickness, this is a thermometer that lets you know of your steak’s cooking status with simple notifications. As you insert it sideways in your steak, you’d get to see the flash light status on its side which are the ultimate indicators in the process. A slow flash indicates your steak is close to being cooked while a double blinking flash says its already cooked and keeping it more on the grill could be dangerous. Once done, you can simply remove it from the meat and enjoy your tasty platter, cooked to perfection! Voila!
Categories: Food Gadgets


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