August 13, 2015 Batroun North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Tafla Smar Jbeil: Wake up in Another Dimension

Phone Number: +961 71 749 448

Address: Smart Jbeil, Batroun


Price Range: 70-100 $

It was late, really late, the car was taking one corner after the other following Jamil up the hills of Madfoun... I felt like we were reaching Ixsir. Five minutes from the highway, we took a left turn down another tight road between the trees where a villa, an individual house, opened up. Welcome to Tafla, your unconventional guest house.


We were invited to sleep here by our friend Jamil from Colonel Beer, a house he says has an amazing view, nestled between the trees where the girls welcome you in their home, the house of their parents.

A stone house, a large expanse of grass surrounds a big place. A large wooden door opens on the living areas, large saloons divided into individual spaces. A huge kitchen occupies the right side, along with toilets and three master bedrooms which they rent for anyone wishing to live the experience or share their house.

It was a few minutes after midnight and were welcomed by Rawiya. After showing us to the room we toured around to discover the outdoor spaces and the lower floor with the dining spaces and where the family lives. Breakfast is served between 8 and 11am.

The room has a double bed, a sofa you can use as a bed, and an extra bed. White walls, ceramic floors and a bed, a large one. The interesting part is that the bed is made of concrete, a block centered in the middle of the room that cannot be moved. A bathroom, like you would find in any home, with a bathtub. That's all I remembered from last night, air conditioning on highest setting, and we slept...

Waking up to the light sunny spells of day we were up at 08:30. I was so excited to enjoy the view and try their local food. Calm, peace and serenity, not a single sound... I wish I could spend the day here.


Back to the house. The main floor is occupied by different seating areas and sofas of different colors decorating the space without any sophistication. A space with black leather sofas facing the chimney, one with a television and another around by the glass facades facing the sea. The decoration was simple, yet funky and fresh. Tree branches are used for the stair ramp and to decorate the ceiling, moving tables made of wooden pallets, Christmas lights for a warm mood and lots of windows letting in just the right amount of light.

The sharing space is used by everyone including the kitchen, water dispenser and fridge. Bring your food or alcohol with you as nothing is sold here.

We went down for breakfast... What a beautiful feeling, what a beautiful space! Cheese with cherry tomatoes, labneh, homemade olive bread and a load of positive vibes. Wind blowing from the sea, sun rising from behind the mountain, oak trees playing their music while the house woke up to life, it was wonderful.


The walls, the soil, the wooden benches, the colors, the trees, everything in his house radiates positivity and peace. With strong winds coming from the sea we sat for coffee and breakfast.

Myriam, the owner, has transformed her parent's forgotten mansion into a place of dreams... The simple life of Tafla. Tafla comes from "tafala" or "the children" and is the name of an old lady, their inspiration, Tafla is fun, Tafla is life, Tafla is anything that might inspire peace.

Myriam, the queen of the premises, approached with the eggs which she offered while sitting with us for a talk. Don't forget to ask her about the house and the inspirations behind it. We even met a couple who spent the last week here and were sad to leave.


Labneh, cheese mixed with oregano and cherry tomatoes, delicious eggs, cheese, green olives, chocolate crepes and roulades of omelettes stuffed with labneh. Then a basket of homemade olive bread landed on the table, bread made with such love that a smile was on my face instinctively.

The happy and simple life is what this place is all about. I slept and woke up in another dimension where simplicity is key.

This house made me fall in love with Batroun even more...

Smar Jbail, Batroun | +961 71 749 448





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