May 25, 2017 New York USA Americas

Taiyaki: New York's Fish-Shaped Waffle Cone is Overrated!
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth

A hole in the wall, easily missed between two buildings down in Chinatown, is now famous. Why? For its fish-shaped waffles. Just like any waffle, except in the shape of a fish. I first tried it in Korea last year and am now giving it a go in New York due to the huge hype around it on social media.


First the egg-waffle now comes the fish-waffle; both in Chinatown. Photos of the waffle decorate the walls, "there's a new fish in town" is written next to the cashier, articles from magazines are on show; all around an open kitchen handled by three young people. Ask for your waffle and have it brought to you - like they think it should be, for a 'better' picture... in effort to ensure they will all look the same; there can't be any creativity on Instagram.

Now for the taste: I am proudly Lebanese and proud of what we do back home, and I can confidently say that our fish-waffle is bigger, fluffier and way tastier than this thing I just received.

This little fish on the contrary, is chewy and feels like a cake, not crispy and not airy, it's not what a real waffle should be. The ice cream is so creamy and so heavy that I couldn't eat more than one bite. Sometimes you really have to ask yourself how places become famous! Simply because they bought a machine?

The chocolate cream is heavy, the white and green mixed cream is heavy; too creamy and not tasty at all.

An à la mode concept... I've tried it for you so you don't have to.

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