August 05, 2015

THE BOX: The August Edition Now Out (Product Discontinued)

The 5th Edition of The Box is out there... and with the box comes more than 15 items carefully handpicked for your ultimate pleasure - your special invitation to travel with me around the hidden wonders of Lebanon, at the comfort of your home.  

The box is as much entertaining as it is socially conscious, encouraging and advertising our very own local goods, in a fashion that both entices, and pleasures our senses. Distributed monthly, The Box contains a mix of traditional culinary products, carefully selected, that will make you travel around Lebanon through its producers and craftsmen.


Inspired by our TV show Meshwar, which goes to the discovery of Lebanese villages from a nice culinary point of view in 12 minutes, I decided to give our viewers the opportunity to taste those unusual products we discover. The Box is a surprise box, where we find a rich selection of products (12 to 15) or culinary gadgets, tested and approved. It also contains the name of the products with their description, price and phone number of the person who produced them. In addition to discovering the Lebanese wealth of their country and bring Lebanese together through food, The Box showcases small local producers and artisans. 

Over 120 boxes have been sent to the doorsteps of foodies across Lebanon. If the Box is in front of you, then you’ll be experiencing a part of my journey across the country… and I can’t begin to tell you how that makes me feel… Knowing that you are discovering what I have… tasting, appreciating and enjoying a small part of our Lebanon, its diverse cultures, as well as the hard work and professionalism of local vendors and artisans, through food.

Open THE BOX and find a selection of delicious wonders... This might be my favorite box to date.

Inside The Box of July 2015

  • Fetta cheese & Zaatar in Olive Oil (Jezzine, South) After sending the Clementine compote in a Jar last month, we couldn't but ask for another order from Jars&Co's products. Bathing in olive oil, this fetta cheese and zaatar mix is a perfect treat for your family dinners. Take the Halsa bread found in this box, cut in the middle, spread some cheese, let the bread absorb the olive oil and enjoy a heavelny bite. Jars&Co LBP 15000


  • Apricot Jam (Deir el Ahmar, Bekaa) Some think that preparing jam is easy when it's not. I simply invite you to visit our youtube channel and meet the ladies behind this jewel box. Using the finest techniques, they prepare Jam in an authentic and traditonal way making sure the acidity and sugar levels are perfect. Spread it on a toast or simply the Halsa bread you received, add butter and enjoy. We guarentee the premium ingredients used to produce this jar. Produced by Deir el Ahmar Cooperative, Jana al Ayadi, Distributed by Atayeb el Rif LBP 7500

  • Chateau Ka, White Wine (Bekaa) Source Blanche is a wonderfully fragrant white that intrigues and charms in equal measure. Zippy Sauvignon, apricot-laden Viognier, floral Muscat and finally crisp Chardonnay all a synergy in this uniquely delicious white wine. Great with a spot of Asian food! Kassatly Chtaura LBP 13,500


  • Peach Compote (Jezzine, South) Close your eyes and believe me you won't know it's a compote. Crunchy fresh peach bathing in sugar syrup with a bit of lemon. They are simply amazing! Eat them alone or use them for your cakes. Sesobel LBP 6000


  • Tomato Sauce (Jezzine, South) Locally made tomato sauce ready for any pizza or pasta of your choice. Simply tomato juice and salt. Combine it with oregano, a hint of olive oil, and you have something magical. The tomato is rich and intense with an end sour note. Addictive, if I say so myself. Sesobel LBP 7500


  • Biscuit Stuffed with Turkish delights (Mtayleb, Metn) I was walking the isles of an expo in Beirut when I discovered a box of biscuits… not any biscuits but a heavenly creation made of thin flaky dough stuffed with a generous portion of gooey Turkish delight. Adequately sweet an addictive texture, they made me melt instantly. Sending them for you to taste was my first priority. I hope you'll like them as much as I did. Abul 3ezz LBP 12000


  • Ward el Mokhtara (Al Mokhtara, Shouf) In the village of Mokhtara is a small shop, a linen shop which sells premium sweets. I was there last week touring around but one major creation left me amazed. It's called Ward el Mokhtara, a piece of sweet dough made of Mahlab, butter, sugar and flour, soaked in sugar syrup and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The many layers crumbling one after the other under the teeth will simply put a smile on your face. Wait until you've tried her other varieties... High Sweets LBP 13000


  • Cherry Tomatoes Selection (Beit Chabab) The magical products of Leah… The farm is not an organic farm, but it is more of a natural farm. The use of pesticides is completely banned as Leah also introduced 4 beehives for honey making and to increase vegetables and fruits pollination. 80% of the fertilization used is from organic material. Those tomatoes are proudly produced locally and handled with care, passion and dedication. L'Univert de Leah LBP 4000


  • Sugar Free Semsmiyyeh (Kawzah, Bint Jbeil, South) Yes, Semsmiyyeh, sticky and sugar free. A guilt-free snack. Individually wrapped for your convenience, these sesame crunch bars make the perfect on-the-go snack as well as a delicious treat for holiday parties and other social gatherings. Crousty, Abou Naji, LBP 12000


  • 7 cereals bread. Halsa is the name of the homemade bakery which handmade produces one bun after another. Made of sourdough and called the seven cereals, those chunks of bread are rich in antioxidants and iron, slow carbs suitable for diabetics, and contain lots of fibers for better digestion. You can feel the seeds in every bite. I’m so in love with them and I’m sure you’ll be too. They can be stored in the freezer for 6 month or up to 15 days in the fridge. Toni Abou Hamad LBP 7500


  • Kechek Akhdar in Olive Oil (Ain el Arish, Ayta el Fokhar) Keshek is made from drained yogurt: forming it and letting it dry. It can be made in a variety of forms: rolled into balls, sliced into strips, and formed into chunks. There are three main kinds of food products with this name: foods based on curdled milk products like yogurt; foods based on barley broth or bread; and foods based on cereals combined with curdled milk. Try our traditional local version of Keshek in olive oil.Produced by Ain le Arish Cooperative. Emm Touma LBP 7500


  • Traditional Coffee Cups (Tripoli, North) I believe you have already watched our adventures in Tripoli through videos posted on social media. We spent 48 hours disvovering the best this city has to offer to bring you its true positive side. Three items, a selection from our last discovery were scouted on the streets. These traditional coffee cups were a coup de coeur for their quality, design and size, and are bigger than the normal ones we know. Les Maitres du Desordre  LBP 20000


  • Kebbeh Mold (Tripoli, North) Kebbe bi Shahme as they call it and belive me many don't know it even has a mold. Voila, we found the wooden handmade mold to do them. Check our website for the recipe.Tripoli's Old Souk LBP 8000


  • Ice Cream Spoon (Tripoli, North) You've surely visited a local ice cream shop and seen the copper spatulas but I believe we found something that looks better, stronger while easily cutting into your hard cold ice cream in seconds. Tripoli's Old Souk LBP 6000

We hope you liked it...

August Box Sheet1

Check out the previous boxes.

See you next month.


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