April 24, 2020 Lebanon Middle East

The Lebanese House: Lebanon is the Epitome of Mediterranean Living...

The "Lebanese house" is usually a stone building with a large arch framing a vaulted ceiling on the ground floor, three arches centered over narrow baloney on the upper floor, all topped by a steep, red-tiled roof; this exterior format was adapted from the villas of Venice sometime in the middle of the 19th century.


Lebanon is the epitome of Mediterranean living. The country’s temperate climate, stunning topography, and hospitable people make it an ideal holiday destination. What also makes the country unique is its rich blend of oriental culture with a multitude of influences ranging from East to West, which is perhaps best illustrated in the traditional Lebanese house with the three arches.


Architectural artefacts add a powerful meaning to national identity: Notre Dame de Paris, the Kremlin, Taj Mahal and the UK’s Big Ben on the Parliament’s buildings are but a few worldwide known examples to this. On a deeper level, architecture reveals ways of life and expresses them through symbols of practical, social, and cultural value. In Lebanon, building a house has been an overarching idea of the family-oriented culture.


The Lebanese house is only found on the Lebanese territory and is traced from the Phoenician era to the more recent times, evolving with time through adding authentic elements to it as well as adopting the influences of other cultures. In particular, the article describes the Phoenician mastery of house building, the way it has evolved, and points out the influence of other cultures onto its evolution. 



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