February 03, 2015 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

The Malt Gallery: For Whisky Aficionados and More

If you’re a malt whiskey fan like I am, The Malt Gallery is your place. This  luxurious space down in Achrafieh inspires class and luxury. A glass facade welcomes you into a space where pink concrete floor hosts a large heavy rectangular table. An interesting piece to admire…  slowly the bottles will start appearing on the lateral walls…


A few details that add more charm to the place include the metallic cupboards, wooden walls, pending bulbs hanging down from the ceiling and ladders used to climb for the high bottles. Each bottle is highlighted on well lit shelves – where the color and label are visible.  

I loved it...  and also loved the high ceiling painted in black, the dimmed yet consistent yellow lighting, and the beautiful shadows created by the and the bottles. It’s an amazing sight to stop and admire. 

The Malt Gallery has it all… the single malts, the bourbons, the gins, the vodkas, the blends, the wines, anything you can imagine in one single place.  


Look out for the middle section and spot the bottles with a price tag of $5000 and more.  

Come for tasting, the bar welcomes you for a drink while you enjoy the different sections. 

Ask for Michel Jabbour, Micky to me and close friends. He is a passionate cook who manages the place. Ask him for help and recommendations.

If you’re an alcohol connoisseur? This is a place you have to check.

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