April 23, 2016

The 'Suave' in Travelling: Lamborghini Most Expensive Rolling Bag

Lamborghini has partnered with high-end luggage company TecknoMonster to create a line of handcrafted suitcases. Made with the same materials used to build Lamborghini’s supercars, the most expensive rolling bag in the collection is worth more than a small car, with a retail price of $16,000. Inspired by Lamborghini’s extravagant carbon fiber exteriors and leather interiors, the cases are manufactured in Italy. 


This luxury suitcase boasts a number of features...

  • The build is solid thanks to the use of autoclave processed matt finish carbon fibre, authentic Automobili Lamborghini leather and billet aluminum.
  • It opens with the style of a super-car, thanks to the mechanical opening.
  • Intricacy in design with hand-crafted output and the same goes with this trolley.
  • It features a hexagonal lattice stitching on the handles and is made double-flat carbon-fiber and billet aluminum.
  • It includes a TSA lock ensures the contents of the trolley is well protected.


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