April 10, 2018 New York USA Americas

The W Hotel New York; Upscale and Professional on Union Square
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +1 212-253-9119

Address: 201 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003, USA

Website: http://www.wnewyorkunionsquare.com

Price Range: 400-600 $

One of my favorite hotel brands is called the “W.” A fantastic Experience in Istanbul, a unique stay in Dubai and now New York, in the heart of the action, at walking distance from great food choices and a view on Union Square, the W is breathtaking! Upscale and luxurious, a vast room I enjoyed, a restaurant with the most favorable vibes I’ve seen... I felt enchanted for a night.


The rooms at the W have it all, a big bed, working desk and fast internet connection; the only thing I couldn’t understand is the bathroom which looks pretty old. Paying for internet in 2018 is awkward but when you connect and feel the speed, you’ll understand why. 

The most enjoyable part of this hotel is the restaurant; light colored wood, camel brown leather, dimmed yellow lights, sofas and relaxing chairs. All tables are decorated with yellow flowers. 

After a long and relaxing night sleep, a refreshing shower with a strong water pressure, I went straight down for breakfast. A warm welcome, a professional waiter, tasty coffee and then comes the food. I wished I could order it all! All kinds of eggs, muffins, pancakes and the grapefruit crème brûlée.


I really love this hotel brand and the professionalism it proposes. Details of perfection, cleanliness and funky designs yet classy and stylish.

Yummy! It feels so good to eat well! A tender slice of toast covered with avocado cream and a poached egg. The perfect taste of simplicity cooked to amaze. The bacon and egg sandwich just rocks! A giant muffin, tender like a pillow stuffed with moist eggs and crunchy bacon. The side of fried sweet potatoes is as good as the sandwich itself. Your teeth plunge into the bun, trespass the egg and come caressing the bacon which tickles your taste buds with a light sweetness. It’s much more than an egg sandwich, it’s just so tasty and loaded with love.

Next time I’m surely having dinner at the W... but wait, more food was yet to come.

Three very thick pancakes look more like bed pillows. Very thick like never seen before, three simple pancakes, adequate sweetness, maple syrup on top and nothing else. They feel classy and upscale, simple without the complicated flavors of commercial pancakes. I’ve surely had better but these are as good as they should be; they need fruits, they need a touch of exotic flavors.


The muffins are not good, unfortunately.

The grapefruit with caramelized sugar on top is an interesting healthy choice. The yogurt acidity is addictive and the crunchiness on top makes the mix even more enjoyable. 

The minus: reception staff is untrained for a five star. They wait for you to approach them and don’t take the initiative. Doormen don’t help with your luggage. Concierge waits behind his desk. Receptionists do not smile. You expect more from a W.

Overall, a great experience I’ll surely repeat. Loved the mood, the vibe, and the food. The W is a brand I trust.





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